December 31, 2020

GirlsCodeIt Trento becomes Voxel Community

Born in 2017, after four years and more than twenty events, GirlsCodeIt Trento evolved and turned into Voxel Community

GirlsCodeIt Trento becomes Voxel Community
Voxel Community Trento

2017: the birth of the project

2017, two developers form Trento, Valentina Servile ed Erinda Jaupaj, have an idea: hosting evening events for people who identify themselves as women to teach them coding and deepen their knowledge on coding- and tech-related topics. They should have been events open to any woman, regardless of the background, because no coding skills would have been required.

GirlsCodeIt Trento was born.

GirlsCodeIt was part of a huge group of similar worldwide organisations hosting gender-exclusive events, such as “PyLadies”, “RailsGirls” and “Girls In Tech”.

The fact that the group is exclusively targeted to women is not irrelevant at all - it grants the creation of a safe area free of risks coming from stereotypes and it avoids the risk of hosting generic events not specifically aimed at women.

Four years of events

Since 2017, when Voxel started hosting events as Girls Code it, the group had 23 events and reached a total of 230 coders of any background.

Each event had an average of 10 women that grew up to 11 in 2020, when Revas Società Benefit organised four events out of an eight-events-long bootcamp.

From Girls Code It to Voxel

The last quarter of 2019 saw the coders involved in a rebranding workshop and they all collaborated together to develop brand design, design thinking and UI design skills.

From the focus sessions between the groups, the wish of a renewed logo and visual identity emerged - Voxels wanted their new identity to express friendliness and openness to women of any kind, regardless of age, ethnicity, background and sexual orientation.

This is how the Slice, was born, the new Voxel logo inspired from the lines of cake and pizza slices, as well as chips and all the other snack that are the unmissable part of Voxel events. The Slice also recalls the values-filled heart that fuels every event.

From 2020 to 2021, the new identity has been developed and declined across all Voxel’s channel, in sight of the new series of Voxel Bootcamps and events starting late 2021.