July 03, 2021

How to improve after learning the basics of coding

How to improve after learning the basics of coding
Voxel Community Trento

So, you’ve done the basic courses or you already have some knowledge. Is it possible to improve and get better?

Yes, of course!

The software world is full of different approaches and ways to learn new techniques and build interesting projects.

There’s no one unique way or method to deepen your knowledge and master one topic as coder. The ways are many indeed and they all depend on many different variables.

Here at Voxel Community we have some approaches we’d like to share with you and that we personally like. But they’re not the only ones out there - they can be a starting point for your unique travel of discovery in the world of coding and software development.

And we’re rooting for you to find yours!

Go for the next step: advanced courses

If you read our website, you already know that here at Voxel we really dig freeCodeCamp.

And when it comes to deepen your knowledge on coding, it’s no exception. On their website you can find a page that’s fully dedicated on preparing for interviews with recruiter. And what’s best for learning a couple of nice new skills than getting ready to conquer your next job interview?

Mini-games, advanced algorithms, build your own weather app, clone Pinterest, advanced problem-solving and more. You can fin it all here: https://www.freecodecamp.org/learn/coding-interview-prep/

Small exercises, big results: katas

Katas are a practice derived from karate, where you practice a single move or a set of moves repetitively in order to master it, adding a little bit of variation along the process in order to learn what works for you, what doesn’t and why.

A kata isolates a single activity, technique or skill and it focuses on it - it’s the opposite of a project, where you mix a lot of different practices and techniques in order to reach a goal. In a kata, the whole focus is the process and not the final result.

Here’s for you a list of websites where you can find katas:

Build your own digital products: bootcamps

Bootcamps are made of a serie of events that are spread across weeks and their goal is to build a piece of software (usually, it’s the copy of a more famous one) in a short amount of time, involving groups of Coders.

During a bootcamp, you can interact with other Voxels, share your knowledge and work together toward the final goal. Not only you’ll meet new people and learn new things, but in the end you’ll bring home with you a working digital product you can show off to anyone.

Here at Voxel, we hold two bootcamps every year. The next one will be March 2022!

See all future events

Time to battle: CodeWars

CodeWars are a more interactive version of katas - on CodeWars website you can find many of them and for each you can win points, trophies and climb the ranks while challenging the other battlers.

The more your level increase, the harder katas become - it’s an always-on challenge for your skills and knowledge.

And that’s not it!

You can build and share on the website katas of your own ideation and you have forums to discuss solutions and approaches with the community, to deepen your coding knowledge and bring it to the next level (quite literally)!

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