July 03, 2021

For those starting from scratch with coding

If you never touched a line of code or developed any software, there are many free and professional courses you can take. Read our favorite ones here at Voxel Community!

For those starting from scratch with coding
Voxel Community Trento

If you never had the opportunity to put your hands on code or to develop a little software project, do not worry! There are tons of websites out there where you can start learning with fun and exciting projects, full of examples and resources.

The one we would like to suggest you are:


FreeCodeCamp is a non profit organisation offering a lot of free courses on many different topics, from web to databases and algorithms. We like freeCodeCamp because their courses are very well structured around small challenges and they are focused on building small projects - also, when you close a course you receive a verified certification. You can try solve all the exercises by yourself, getting a sneak peek at hints or looking at the fully resolved exercise to learn the process.

Our favorite feature? A forum is available to all learners. There, you can chat with other students like you about the thing you can’t solve or understand. It’s definitely an extra gear!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another non profit organisation where you can find courses on many topics, also about software development and coding. On their dedicated page, https://it.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-programming, you can find courses on JavascriptSQL and HTML/CSS.

Which certifications should I collect first?

When it comes to software development and coding, you really can do anything and find all the lessons and tutorials to learn, from full college-like courses to challenges against other coders.

Especially during your first steps and when you’re starting from scratch, it’s fundamental to achieve some goals quickly if you want to keep your motivation high. Maybe by closing a coding project all by yourself with a functioning output you can be proud of. And maybe add to your resume!

🖥 The basics for everything else

You can start with some web development! freeCodeCamp offers the **Responsive Web Design **course. You’ll learn to build modern web pages that are responsive and accessible, to which you’ll apply a visual style of your choice.

🔬 Deepen the knowledge

Once covered the basics, you can go on with more specific courses, such as:

At the end of these courses, you’ll have four certifications that will allow you to embark on a huge number of web projects, challenges and bootcamps.