July 03, 2021

How to become a Voxel mentor

Read our small guide if you'd like to become a Voxel Mentor and help other Voxel Coders at events

How to become a Voxel mentor
Voxel Community Trento

A Voxel Mentor is a person who make their knowledge and skills available to help other Voxel Coder improve their technological hard skills.

What do I need to become a Voxel mentor?

If you like to help other Voxels make their first steps in the coding environment, then it’s a great start for you! There’s no need to be that big of an expert on coding since we do easy to moderate stuff. It’s very important for you to:

  • Be patient, approachable, friendly and curious,

  • Be capable to answer many question in a beginner-friendly way, even if the answer it’s 100% technically accurate,

  • Be available to dedicate moments of your free time to events and activities (and yeas, that also means weekends are included)

Why should I become a Voxel Mentor?

Apart from the positive vibes and eternal good karma? As a Voxel you’ll have the chance to:

  • Meet many new people outside of your usual developer or work group,

  • Learn something new by answering questions you’d never thought to ask yourself,

  • Receive the eternal gratitude of the Voxel Coders that will join the events,

  • Make your part in dismantling the stereotype that tells women are not into tech, coding and software development and by doing so you’ll give your women friends, your sisters, your women relatives and your (future) daughters many more career opportunities and freedom of choice. Not bad at all!

How can I become a Voxel Mentor?

To become a Voxel Mentor, all you got to do is sending as an email at hello@voxel.community so we can talk about it.

Voxel events are open to all Italian-speaking coders but also non Italian speaking ones, so it could happen to be speaking English. That’s why we expect from you to be able to speak English fluently for basic conversation and for explaining tech stuff in a beginner-friendly way.

How much of my time is required as Voxel Mentor?

Trento Voxel Community was created to offer different kind of events. We host more informal events on cultural topics or meet-ups where we take a look at coding and software development courses.

There could also be more structured events spread out on many weeks, like bootcamps. Apart from the time needed to mentor during the events, other activities will require your time, such as:

  • Getting to know new Voxels - we warmly encourage meeting and saying hi to the group before events. And that could mean sending a little email presenting yourself or meeting with other Voxels half an hour before the event for a little chit chat when possibile.

  • Helping preparing the events - and that means preparing the materials used at bootcamps and during events, sending emails and preparing the venues

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Info This page is a remix of the Django Girls Coaching Manual you can find here https://coach.djangogirls.org/