January 02, 2021

What are Voxel Cafè?

Voxel Community Trento

The Voxel Cafè are our Tuesday evenings, where we meet to socialize, talk about projects, find solutions, help those who are learning on online courses and discuss feminist transqueer culture.

How do they work

The evenings are held every Tuesday evening in Trento from 18:30 to 20:30. If you can't arrive on time, you can join even after the start of the evening.

We do them both online and face-to-face and we always communicate the type on the event post.

Drinks and snacks are always guaranteed! If you want to contribute with your favorites, please bring them - we will be super happy 🤩

A typical event at Voxel

One day you contact us to attend an event. A little before the event, we meet to get to know each other and chat, without yet talking about tech or anything else. The event then begins!

We have evenings dedicated to coding and others about more convivial cultural themes. If you are taking an online course, you can continue it by staying with us and ask mentors or other coders for help if you need.

Otherwise participate with the other coders in the coding bootcamp on duty, or in the software project or in the discussion. Snacks and drinks will never be lacking!

And after your first meeting, you'll also have access to our forum on GitHub, where you can keep asking coders and mentors questions about your tech projects.


Want to find out about upcoming events when they are?

Find them on our events page here