April 09, 2022

Twixel, build your own Twitter | Voxel Bootcamp

A four-day bootcamp with which you will build Twixel, your online and working version of Twitter

Twixel, build your own Twitter | Voxel Bootcamp
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Twixel, build your own Twitter

Twitter is a social network many people know. Maybe you have your Twitter account too. It’s a social full of features but its fundamental features are pretty easy to replicate inside a web project or, in this case, a bootcamp.

The core features of Twitter are:

  • a page where you can see the tweets of people you follow (the Feed)

  • a web page all for you where you can add your personal info and tweet (the Profile)

  • many web pages for all the member of Twitter where you can follow them and read their tweets (the Profiles)

These screens and their functionality (write and post tweets, follow profiles, see a feed of tweets) will be the ones we’re going to replicate during our first Voxel Bootcamp on Marzo 2022, to create Twixel, the Voxels’ Twitter!

👩‍💻 A well-rounded challenge

During bootcamp, you’ll deep your web development knowledge - we will employ technologies and modern tools to build Twixel web app.

For user interfaces, we are going to use:

  • AlpineJS, a library of tools to give HTML pages some useful superpowers,

  • TailwindCSS, to build nice-looking interfaces with lots of easy-to-use and already-made CSS classes.

For handling data, tweets and functionalities, we’ll use:

  • NodeJS, for building our web server,

  • MongoDB, for building and handling the database

At the end of the bootcamp, with the help of Voxel Mentors and of other Voxels you will have built:

  • your personal profile, where you’ll publish your posts,

  • the feed where you’ll read the tweets of the friends you’ll be following,

And you’ll be able also to see you friends’ profile and follow them!

The event is aimed at a female audience (trans inclusive)

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