January 02, 2021

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If you're new to Voxel Community and you want to know what we do or you want to explore our resources, this page is the right place to be

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Voxel Community Trento

Hi and welcome to Voxel! 👋

You definetly read something about us on our main page or online so you know that we are building a community in Trento of coders who identify themselves as women.

Keep reading to understand what you can do here at Voxel Community!

👀 Never touched a line of code?

If you’ve never developed software and you know nothing about coding, we wrote this page right for you. There, you’ll find websites with free online courses you can take to build your first coding projects. From simple web pages to web apps with pretty interesting functionalities

Go to the page and start the courses 👉

We also create a small in depth guide to help you choose the type of coding you most like!

👩‍💻Just finished freeCodeCamp courses and looking for a more interesting project?

So, you already have the four basics certifications and now you want to go above and beyond with a nice project? Look no further - we have Voxel Bootcamps for that! Our bootcamps are a set of events that will allow you to build intriguing softwares and application in a short amount of time collaborating with other Voxel Coders and Mentors. They usually take some weeks to finish.

You’ll have the amazing opportunity to test your knowledge with modern frameworks and practices that tech companies actually use and want. And you’ll bring yourself home functioning software products you can show everybody, even future employers!

See future events 👉

Or read

How to improve your skills once you covered the basics 👉

👷‍♀️Do you have a software project in mind?

Maybe you already have the basics or some skills and there’s one project you’d love to explore and bring to life. Get in touch with us to meet with a Voxel Mentor - we can work with you to prepare the project and help you start with it. Then, you can join our events to get help from other Voxels.

Go to contacts 👉

👩‍🏫Already a pro and wanting to help Coders?

If you already have some experience with coding and software development and you’d like to share your knowledge to support Voxel Coders during the events, maybe you have what it takes to become a Voxel Mentor! We got you covered - we have a small guide that tells you how to become one.

Go check it out 👉